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Digital Marketing White Label Lafayette IN

Do your small business clients ask your advice regarding their companies digital marketing, website design, search engine listings or social media? Do you want to help them but don’t have the staff, resources, or know how? Our Sitewise Digital white label program gives you the opportunity to help your clients and increase your revenue per client without added stress or expense!

Benefits we bring to your clients

Website Development

Our website services feature responsive design. Your client’s website will look great on any device — a desktop computer, phone or tablet — and will be easy for their customers to use.. We’ll make sure your clients look professional and open for business.


Search Engine Listings

Be certain potential customers find your clients online. Search engine optimization legitimizes their business and makes it easy for their customers clients to work with them. We’ll make sure your clients show up in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Social Media Marketing

Social media accounts help build relationships, increase brand recognition and help new clients find your clients. We’ll help your clients create a strategic plan to make updating social media accounts fun and easy.


Nurture Existing Clients

Whether your client is B2B or B2C, well-written client communication can increase reviews, referrals, return business and revenue per client, as well as strengthen client relationships. We’ll help your clients develop an automated communication system.

Affordable Solutions

With packages starting as low as $59, we can accommodate even the smallest budgets.We are proud to offer you results oriented marketing at affordable prices that can accommodate the DIY business as well as a full retainer business.

24/7/365 Support

Our premium packages come with 24/7/365 access to a human. We know how much your clients will come to rely on our services. One of the largest complaints we hear from prospective clients is that they have a hard time reaching a real live human to help when there is a problem. Your clients won’t experience that at Sitewise Digital.

Would you like to increase your revenue by $10,000 and help your clients?

Benefits we bring to you

No additional staff needed

Sitewise Digital maintains and trains all necessary staff. We will recruit, hire, and train any additional staff necessary to ensure your clients receive the experience and results promised.


We work with you

Whether you want to manage the project yourself or hand off the client and have us manage the project, we have a workflow that will meet your needs.

Competitive pricing

We have compared our prices to national brands such as; Yelp, Yellow Pages, Super Pages, Dex Media, etc. and have found that our services are more reasonably priced.


Superior quality

While the price is lower we have found the quality of our services to be superior. This has increased our clients rate of return and makes them feel confident in their relationship with us.

Free services

We want to show you how confident we are therefore we offer all committed partners free premium services for 3 months, with a discounted payment schedule based on number of clients. Premium services include website, search engine optimization, social media and automated marketing.

Referral credit

When we are working with your clients, referrals are bound to happen. We track all of our sales sources and will pay you even for your clients referrals!

You maintain control of your client relationships

How a white label works

“White Label” services or products are produced by one company but marketed and branded through another company.

Advantages of a white label

White labels allow for more control to the re-sell partner. Retaining the client relationship gives the re-seller control of pricing allowing for higher mark-ups and ability to move business to a different vendor maintaining a strong negotiation position.

We make a white label easy

We will work with you to determine what kind of phone communication works best for you. You can easily forward calls to our office, setup a special extension to have the number directly ring our office and we can answer calls directly, or you can setup a time for us to return the clients call. We can easily integrate to multiple office environments.

Our online project management software organizes information by client and then by service. With 24/7/365 access to this software you will always know how your clients projects are progressing. You will also have the option of “following” a job, which means that communications and activity can be forwarded to your email giving you optimal control of your involvement in projects.

We will work with you to create branded emails for our staff under your company name.


Build your business by building your clients' businesses.