SEO Part 4: Google Map


A citation is a business listing with your name, address, phone number, and related business information on a directory website. There are 100’s of top directories, listings can be free or cost money.

Google collects this information in it’s database and then tries to verify the information with other listings and your website. Once Google is confident that you are a local business and believes your location is correct, the algorithm will list you on the Google maps search results!

Sitwise Digital local search engine optimization program will claim, create, submit, or verify the top 100 directory listings. This includes the claiming or creation of Google+, Yahoo, and Bing profiles.


Reviews and the score you receive are indicators to Google and potential clients that you are doing business and the work is high quality.

Google again collects this data from review sites around the web and even you website but the most impactful reviews are the one’s on your Google+ page.

Sitewise Digital recommends an automated review program so that you don’t forget or not have time. We not only use these reviews for search engine listings but also to gauge how your customers feel about your business. This information can be an invaluable tool to correct problems before clients discontinue your services.

Google+ Profile and YouTube account

Google owns both of these products and they really like it when your profiles are complete, accurate, and producing content.

You need to ensure that the profiles are 100% complete and match your citations and website information.

Sitewise Digital recommends posting to Google+ with industry related news, tips, and establishing your subject matter expertise.

WISE diy website builder

WISE is a tool to collect information and help you build your website. WISE provides a full website preview before you pay. Unlike other diy (do it yourself) website builders WISE includes access to professional marketing advice! Your company (and YOU) deserve a better website building experience.