SEO Part 3: Google Webmaster Account


The search console allows you to choose different metrics, group data, filter data and compare data. You will use this information to continually improve your website.


  • Clicks = Number of clicks from Google search pages
  • Impressions = Number of times you appeared in Google search pages
  • CTR = Click-through rate (Clicks/Impressions)
  • Position = website average topmost listing

Sitewise analyzes this data (plus additional tools) to complete your quarterly review (Wisest packages) and make action plans for content edits and additions, website changes and past result including return on investment and cost per click analysis.

Manage your website with the search console

Meta tags are short descriptions of the page and are used directly below the title of a search engine result page to draw the searcher to the best result. Often times search words are shown in bold.

Google recommends:

• Having a meta tag on every page of your website
• Make each page meta tag different
• Include facts (does not have to be sentence format)
• Auto generate descriptions (when appropriate)
• A couple sentences long (160 characters)
• Accurately summarize page content

Sitewise uses the HTML suggestions page inside Google webmasters tools to check for errors regarding title tags, meta descriptions, and alt tags.

Protect your site from spam

Google recommends:

  • Having secure passwords
  • Keeping your website updated
  • Choosing a reliable hosting provider

WISE diy website builder

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