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Edit WordPress Website

Do you need to add a new photo to your website or update some of the content? Editing your WordPress website (Divi theme) is quick and easy. Learn how to edit WordPress and make these changes by watching the videos below. These videos will help you learn the basics for maintaining your website yourself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to making any changes, be certain to backup your website (see video below for instructions). If you happen to make a mistake or mess something up, we can roll back your website to the backup version. This provides you piece of mind while you make your edits.

With a little preparation and our video tutorials you can do it but if you need additional help, contact us at help@sitewisedigital.com. After watching the videos you will be prepared to edit your WordPress website!

Step 1. Login to your WordPress website

Step 2. Make a backup of your WordPress website

Step 3. Edit text

Step 4. Create a link or anchor link

Step 5. Edit or add an image

Step 6. Change the layout of a section

Step 7. Use the library to save time

Step 8. Duplicate and move modules (text, images, etc.)

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