Client Management Part 2: CRM’s

CRM (Client Relationship Management) Systems

These are tools to manage a company’s interaction with current and future customers. CRMs are an invaluable tool and will help you do many things including:

  • Organize
    • Your data is of no use if you don’t understand what it’s telling you and the first step to running reports is organized and complete data. Your CRM should be the first line of contact with clients and prospects. They all need to be in it, properly identified and grouped.
  • Automate
    • Small business, where resources are critical, can use automation to help per existing personnel be more efficient.
    • Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.
    • For inbound leads, close to 50% of sales go to the vendor who responds first.
  • Synchronize
    • At the least they will combine your sales and marketing efforts. Depending upon your business you might also use your CRM to combine customer service and technical support.


Example Of An Automated Sale

Bob goes to your website and spends several minutes reviewing multiple pages and decides to contact you via your request a quote form.

The quote form is connected to your CRM and the system recognizes that Bob Smith provided a mobile phone number and agreed that text messages were a good way to contact him.

The system is setup to send a text message with an appropriate message for your business. You could ask for additional information, you could provide a quote or a quote estimate, or even ask the prospect if you can set a time to review the quote?

When Bob responds the system can send you a notification text or email that someone wants to make a new business appointment or additional info or wants a quote.

While your website, search engine marketing, content marketing and CRM were busy helping you attract a new business prospect, you were helping someone else. Increasing you or your sales staffs efficiency, statistics show that it will allow you to reduce the number of employees needed per client AND increase your sales AND increases client experience. You don’t often find a win, win, win situation.

Features You Need

  • Email marketing/SMS text message
  • Marketing automation
  • Analytics/reporting
  • Tracking
  • Mobile access

Finding A CRM

Changing CRM’s to add features will cost you time and money. Sometimes, due to budget, you have no choice but to start with a free option and work your way up to a paid version. Maybe you, regardless of budget, can’t afford to lose weeks of productivity to training and transferring data so you want to start with the best. Check out

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