Client Management Part 1: What Is it?

What is client management

What is client management? A lot of small business owners start out with collecting client information in spreadsheets or an invoicing/payment system. It is always great that you have this information! Now that you have it, how do you organize it so that you can communicate to them. Know what services or products they have purchased. Whether they referred your business. Used coupons or discounts. What do you really need to know about them to ensure the best possible experience and service? Well…everything!

But it’s not just good enough that you know it. You need to have it organized in a way that you can access it and analyze it. Use it to build a relationship. Increase referrals and sales!

What problem do small businesses face

How can client management help solve your problems? Small business owners often work long hours without sales or customer service support teams. So your time and efficiency can be a make it or break it scenario. If you information is all over the place. If accessing it or analyzing it is difficult. You are likely to burn yourself out trying to do simple tasks. Or just skip doing it at all. This WILL cause your business to suffer and even potentially fail.

If you don’t know how or why your business is growing. What those best customers look like. How can you talk to them? How can you create the right marketing strategy? How can you know WHERE to find them? You won’t. This will cause you to waste marketing dollars. Money you spend that does not provide a return is a wasted effort. This is why you need a client management system!

Are Your Clients Happy?

How do you ensure that your clients are happy? What happens if they aren’t!?! Most small businesses will report the best way they grew their businesses was through referrals. So it’s critical that you have something in place to SCORE your clients. This will let you and your employees know who your best clients are and those that are likely to leave you for the competition.

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