Sitewise Websites:

  1. Load quickly
  2. User friendly design
  3. Fits your customers needs
  4. Fits your business needs
  5. Includes a clear call to action
  6. Expands as your business grows

Sitewise websites features and benefits:

Mobile responsive

Your website will be easy to use and appropriately displayed on all devices.

Website hosting

Maintenance expenses are included in our packages. We provide support for the life of your website.

Website backup

If you website goes down or a mistake happens we are able to roll back your website if and when needed.

Three sizes to match any budget!



You complete 85% of the work via online project management system, detailed instructions, and video tutorials. 

Intended for startups or companies with an on-staff marketing professional in need of specific, results-proven instruction. You will have access to online tutorials that show you exactly how to complete every step for a complete online presence for your business. 10-day free trial, credit card not required for our Wise website package.



You complete 25% of the work and all communication is via email, help desk, or project management system.

Intended for small businesses with a small budget, and provides the value of having a marketing professional on retainer. We will complete the majority of the work, you take on some responsibilities, and all communication occurs via email and an online project management system.



With this package you do 5% of the work and will have one on one meetings with your account manager.

Intended for small businesses that need a marketing firm to build their online business to optimize results and profits. After you meet with us and provide feedback, we complete all of the work, provide regular reports, and complete quarterly review meetings to ensure an optimal website.


Sitewise packages work together! 

WISE Packages

+ Social Media
+ Client Relationship

WISER Packages

+ Social Media
+ Client Relationship

WISEST Packages

+ Social Media
+ Client Relationship

Sitewise clients frequently ask…

I see the monthly pricing options and I don’t want a monthly commitment. Are there other options?

All of our websites can be paid as a one-time fee, which is equivalent to a 36-month payment. This ensures that you have support for the life of your website, which on average is 3 years (before you reevaluate and redesign). After 3 years, you will need to pay an annual maintenance and hosting fee to continue website support.

Do your packages come with a custom design?

Before you decide you want a custom design, consider the following: the cost may not improve your return on investment; it will extend the time it takes to develop your website; and it increases your responsibility of fixing and maintaining the website. The benefit of giving US control of your website design is that it increases the speed of the project, costs less and potentially increases your return due to the fact that the design has been tested. If you desire or need custom design, it can be added to any package and is an additional $1,200–$2,500.

What is a content management system (CMS) and why is it important?

A content management system (CMS) is the framework for most websites today. A prepackaged CMS allows you to publish, edit and modify your content within a central interface. For example, if you needed to create a spreadsheet, would you pay the small fee for a Microsoft Excel license or spend hundreds of hours and dollars recreating a program just like it? Some design firms have created a CMS of their own and those costs are charged back to you. WordPress is a great option for small businesses. Click here to read why we chose WordPress.

What is the minimum subscription period?

Our contract is month to month and can be canceled before the start of the new month. All of our monthly services operate this way and are set up for auto renewal. See your agreement for the full details.

What payment methods are available?

Monthly subscription plans must be paid with a credit card. Annual subscription plans may be paid via check or credit card.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged the first day of services for the first month and on the first of each month every month thereafter. Your subscription can be cancelled at any time by emailing us at or calling (765) 588-5577.

Where can I see my invoice?

We use Freshbooks for all invoices and will send a link to your monthly by email. You can also create a login and password to Freshbooks for access any time.

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