Sitewise Social Media:

  1. Strategy creation
  2. Best practices utilized
  3. Return on investment focused
  4. Results tested and driven
  5. User friendly design
  6. Customer need focused

Sitewise social media features and benefits:


We will create or update your social media pages for a cohesive brand experience, ensure that clients and potential clients recognize your brand, which increases their engagement.

Engaging content

We will create content that encourages your followers to share it with their followers. The right content introduces potential clients to your brand while reinforcing your messaging with current clients.

Search engines love social media

Search engines are programmed to recognize social media accounts. Having up-to-date accounts will improve search engine listings for your business.

Three sizes to match any budget!



You complete 85% of the work via online project management system, detailed instructions, and video tutorials. 

Intended for startups or companies with an on-staff marketing professional in need of specific, results-proven instruction. You will have access to online tutorials that show you exactly how to complete every step for a complete social media presence and results reporting for your business.



You complete 25% of the work and all communication is via email, help desk, or project management system.

Intended for small businesses with a small budget, and provides the value of having a marketing professional on retainer. We will complete the majority of the work, you take on some responsibilities, and all communication occurs via email and an online project management system.



You complete 25% of the work and all communication is via email, help desk, or project management system.

Intended for small businesses that need a marketing firm to build their online business to optimize results and profits. After you meet with us and provide feedback, we complete all of the work, provide regular reports, and complete quarterly review meetings to ensure an optimum social media presence.


Sitewise packages work together! 

WISE Packages

+ Social Media
+ Client Relationship

WISER Packages

+ Social Media
+ Client Relationship

WISEST Packages

+ Social Media
+ Client Relationship

Wise clients frequently ask…

Which social media platform is right for my business?

With Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat and many others, social media can be an overwhelming task. We will work with you to determine the best places for your messaging depending on your target audience and budget. For businesses on a tight budget we can help you strategize and complete an editorial calendar as well as train you on how to post efficiently.

How do you measure return on investment?

Some social media platforms, like Facebook, have a tracking and reporting section associated with accounts. You can also track links to your website and even see how many people book an appointment and from your posts. Having social media can also help you track engagement.

How do you continue to create fresh content?

A great way to keep things fresh is to post about your business and find ways to tie your business to current trends and news. We can help you find the mix that works best for your business. We encourage our social media clients to blog (even if we are writing for you). Creating content that educates and informs your clients will establish you as a subject matter expert. There are fun tools for creating engaging content including:

Post Creator lets you create fun, picture-based content for FREE.

Buzzsumo is a great resource to see what kind of information is trending and how to be a source of idea generation.

What is the minimum subscription period?

Our contract is month to month and can be canceled before the start of the new month. All of our monthly services operate this way and are set up for auto renewal.


What payment methods are available to me?

Monthly subscription plans must be paid with a credit card. Annual subscription plans may be paid via check or credit card.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged the first day of services for the first month and on the first of each month every month thereafter. Your subscription can be cancelled at any time by emailing us at or calling (765) 588-5577.

Where can I see my invoice?

We use Freshbooks for all invoices and will send a link to your monthly by email. You can also create a login and password to Freshbooks for access any time.

Don’t be shy!

Let’s talk about your business and how engaging social media can help you achieve your goals.