Sitewise Client Relationship Building:

  1. Lead capture
  2. Lead nurture
  3. Lead qualifying
  4. Automated email marketing
  5. Automated text message
  6. Return on investment focused

Sitewise client relationship features & benefits:


We will use advanced tracking software to monitor how your website is utilized and optimize each page for optimal conversion rates. Landing page creation allows clicks to be directed to a customized page for a specific email rather than a generic home page, also increasing conversion.



A trigger is the ability to target specific customer behaviors in order to respond with an appropriate real-time email or text message. For example, when a user clicks on a specific link, a sales rep logs a call, or a lead score goes above a certain threshold, you can automatically send the right message at the right time.

Email marketing

We will create emails and newsletters targeted towards increasing your revenue per existing client; sending emails to groups of customers and prospects; tracking and reporting on deliveries, opens, and clicks so you get a complete view of performance.

Three sizes to match any budget!



You complete 85% of the work via online project management system, detailed instructions, and video tutorials. 

Intended for startups or companies with an on-staff marketing professional in need of specific, results-proven instruction. You will have access to online tutorials that show you exactly how to complete every step for a complete online presence for your business. 10-day free trial, credit card not required for our Wise website package.



You complete 25% of the work and all communication is via email, help desk, or project management system.

Intended for small businesses with a small budget, and provides the value of having a marketing professional on retainer. We will complete the majority of the work, you take on some responsibilities, and all communication occurs via email and an online project management system.



With this package you do 5% of the work and will have one on one meetings with your account manager.

Intended for small businesses that need a marketing firm to build their online business to optimize results and profits. After you meet with us and provide feedback, we complete all of the work, provide regular reports, and complete quarterly review meetings to ensure an optimal website.


Sitewise packages work together! 

WISE Packages

+ Social Media
+ Client Relationship

WISER Packages

+ Social Media
+ Client Relationship

WISEST Packages

+ Social Media
+ Client Relationship

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