Brand Creation Part 4: Logo & Favicon


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Your logo is a visual representation of your company. The logo will be one of the main elements of your website design.

To be effective the logo should be:

Convey the intended message.

Remember that the logo is not about what YOU personally like. It should appeal to the target market that you developed when choosing fonts and colors. Try to put yourself in the place of your target audience and view the logo from their perspective. Does it represent the main message of your company?


Make sure you use an image that will look good at a VERY SMALL size. Examples: Apple “apple” icon, Nike “swoosh” icon. If you do not have a logo mark that will work at a small size use the first letter of your organizations name.

The best way to create a favicon image is to first create a square PNG or JPG image. Your icon must be kept simple as it will be displayed in the 16×16 pixel format.

If you already have an image you can use this favicon tool to quickly turn a .jpg or .png into the .ico file type.

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