Brand Creation Part 1: Brand Identity

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Why brand creation

Developing your brand elements impacts your bottom line—and it can do so in a positive or negative way. You want to be certain it increases profits which, in turn, will also help simplify your website design. In this blog, the first in a four part series, we share industry information and our very own *Wips* (WISE Tips) to help your company with the first step in Digital Marketing.

What is “brand”?

Wikipedia defines a brand as a “name, term, design symbol, or other feature that distinguishes one seller’s product from those of others.”

People react strongly to brands. How would your prospects react if they felt you were inappropriate? Not the way you want them to!

You must have well thought out and designed brand elements in order to have a great looking and functioning website. The best website design relies on a well-developed and executed brand.

Don’t get caught in the MARKETING TRAP of choosing what YOU like, what makes YOU comfortable, or what appeals to YOU. You can love swirly fonts and pastels but if you’re not selling baby clothes or nail polish, those font and color choices will confuse your potential customers.

Target Audience

Your company’s brand should be created with elements that will attract your target audience.

Think about who your ideal customer or client is?

What do THEY like?

What colors appeal to them?

What type of design appeals to them? Modern? Whimsical?

Determining this will help you decide on fonts, colors and logo for your company. Then you’ll have the foundation for your website design.

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